We provide corporate taxpayers with technical tax assistance during a dispute with ZIMRA. We check ZIMRA assessments for accuracy, draft grounds for objection, request reasons, review grounds for objection, review objection/appeal outcome notices, represent you at hearings, assist you in settlement negotiations with ZIMRA as well as assist with technical tax expertise. Allow us to deal with the entire dispute on your behalf from start to finish pre-litigation.
An objection/appeal review should be designed to ensure you cover all the required grounds for objection and that your objection is valid. An objection should be treated with due diligence. Contact us to help you determine whether you have sufficiently covered all the grounds for objection and to ensure your objection is valid.
Further, an objection must be valid before ZIMRA(Zimbabwe Revenue Authority). An invalid objection will cost you time and time is precious in the arena of tax dispute resolution and may result in your objection being declared invalid or disregarded.
Counsel opinion is expensive and hence not accessible to every corporate taxpayer. We can assist you by reviewing the grounds of your objection and providing insight into the merits of grounds and propose additional grounds for objection or perhaps a different strategic approach.
If you have decided to object to an assessment but are not sure whether you have formulated your argument strategically and technically enough to secure a quick and easy resolution of your tax dispute with ZIMRA (Zimbabwe Revenue Authority), contact us for assistance.

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